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Chemical industry is the cornerstone industry of the flying group. After more than 40 years of development, it has accumulated and established a solid foundation in the fields of fine chemicals R & D, production and global business development through the three stages of "manufacturing pull", "market pull" and "technology pull". Column.
In recent years, the group has focused on the development, manufacturing, sales and integration of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of energy saving, environmental protection and healthy chemicals. There are three major plates: water industry materials, fine organic chemicals and hydrogenated products, which have built three major parts in Zhangjiagang Phoenix, Jiangsu Binhai, Zhangjiagang Yangzi River chemical garden, respectively. Chemical production base, with world-class manufacturing capacity, gives strong support to business segments.
At the same time, the group has always paid attention to the investment in scientific and technological research and development. In the past 10 years, the group has built several scientific and technological innovation platforms, including the national post doctoral research workstation and the Jiangsu provincial engineering technology research center, and established several scientific and technological research and development cooperation projects with well-known domestic universities, research and development institutions and international customers. The long-term sustainable development of the industry.

 Suzhou flying new materials research institute:

Suzhou flying new materials research institute is located in the Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park (CS-SIP), is the platform for the development and sharing of Jiangsu flying group, the joint research and development base of the Dalian Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the location of the provincial key enterprise laboratory. The total investment is nearly 200 million and covers an area of 21 thousand square meters. The Super 10 thousand flat laboratory building is built according to DuPont's laboratory standard. It provides technical research and development, technology transfer and technology industry construction for each subsidiary. It provides a full range of chemical analysis services for external customers with FDA and CNAS certification, as well as the window of the group. Mouth.

 Jiangsu rich Miao Polytron Technologies Inc:


Jiangsu Fu Miao Polytron Technologies Inc is a high-tech enterprise for water based industry, providing water treatment and industrial process handling special chemical auxiliaries, comprehensive solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and recycling, and operation services. Members of the insurance industry association. Located in Fenghuang Town, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang, there are more than 600 employees.
The core products and services of the science and technology of rich Miao:

•Provide first-class water treatment chemicals, sludge treatment chemicals, membrane separation materials and equipment for the water treatment industry, as well as integrated and operational services for industrial wastewater treatment and recycling technology.
•Providing first-class specialty chemicals and solutions for industrial water processes.
•Provide first-class basic resin materials, additives and solutions for aquatic products.
The key market for the technology of rich water:


Fu Miao science and technology subsidiary company:
Fu Miao technology has five wholly owned or holding subsidiaries, such as Nantong Bo million Chemical Co., Suzhou rich film technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou poly Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou song blue resin Mstar Technology Ltd, Suzhou Jin canal Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., etc., which is located in Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang. Central District, as a production function sharing service center.


 Kaye chemical (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.:


Kaye chemical (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned holding enterprise under the banner of Jiangsu flying group. It is located in the International Chemical Industrial Park of Zhangjiagang Yangzi River in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu. It is focused on providing green and high-performance hydrogenated chemicals, with more than 200 employees.

Core products and services of Kaye chemical industry:
It is the main 1,4- cyclohexane two methanol (CHDM) manufacturer in China, and is also the main manufacturer of isopropyl acetate isopropanol and absolute alcohol in China.
Kay Ling chemical phase I: the annual output of 20 thousand tons of 1,4- cyclohexane two methanol (CHDM) device has been formally put into production in early 2014. The official operation of the device has broken the long-term dependence on import of China's CHDM. It will provide a solid material guarantee for the development and industrialization of high-end polyester products at home and abroad. At the same time, it will also make Kay Ling chemical a major CHDM manufacturing enterprise.
Kay Ling chemical two phase: an annual output of 300 thousand tons of isopropyl acetate and downstream 170 thousand tons of isopropanol &13 million tons of anhydrous ethanol plant in early 2015 officially put into production. Kay Ling chemical has become the main production unit of isopropyl acetate isopropanol and the main anhydrous ethanol plant in East China.

Jiangsu Fu Biya Chemicals Co., Ltd.:



Jiangsu Fu Biya Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu flying chemical group. The company is located in the flying new material industrial park of Yancheng coastal coastal chemical industry park. It covers an area of 510 mu, and the total investment is 800 million yuan to complete the modern large-scale enterprises with perfect supporting facilities. There are more than 500 workers.
The core products and services of Fu Biya:
It has three major business segments: new materials, fine chemicals (pesticide / pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticides), and win-win cooperation.
New material plate: the company has built 5000 tons / a year's two benzophenone UV Absorbents with plastic and coating additives, 5000 tons / year of hindered amine light stabilizers, 5000 tonnes / year three acetone amines intermediates, 2000 tons / year light initiator device, and 10000 tons per year phosphorous flame retardant device.
Fine chemicals (pesticides / pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticides) plate: the company focuses on the health of life as a breakthrough point, as a designated pesticide manufacturer, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, manufacture and sale of pesticide. Paying attention to agricultural safety, having legal production approval certificate and pesticide registration certificate, a set of 1000 tonnage thirteen morpholine and butadiene morpholine device has been set up, and high efficient, low toxic and low residue pesticide varieties such as propiazole, acetoxalin, methoprololamine and alkynyl ester are set up and registered in Lu Xujian. Attention to life and health, the company's 10000 tons of cresol and vitamin E intermediates project is under construction.
Cooperation and win-win plate: relying on the infrastructure and environmental protection advantages of the coastal flying new material industry park, the company has reached a cooperation with DOW in the United States and has built the most advanced 12508 ton / year CMIT production line in Asia; at the same time, it has launched a win-win cooperation with many multinational corporations such as GE and SOLVAY. In the future, we welcome enterprises in the field of new materials, fine chemicals and other fields, such as commissioned processing, customized R & D, and so on.

Yancheng Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in November 2004, is located in the flying new material industrial park of Yancheng coastal coastal chemical industry park. It is a high-tech enterprise mainly developed with pyridine derivatives. It is mainly used in the fields of medicine, pesticide, washing (daily), new material and material, etc., from 2007 to 2009. The series of pyridine products has been the first in the world for three years. There are more than 200 employees.

The core products and services of Hengsheng:
2,3,5,6- four chlorpyridine, two chlorpyridine, three chlorpyridinium, five chlorpyridine, etc.